War Against Melanoma
The WAM Foundation
1478 Sunflower Street Lewis Center, OH 43035
Email: info@thewamfoundation.org
Our Mission
The WAM Foundation is an Ohio nonprofit corporation founded by Kirk and Lyndsey Vidra after their lives were significantly impacted by melanoma (See Survivor Story). While Kirk's story is one of survival, too many melanoma stories don't end the same, and too many fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters are lost. Kirk and Lyndsey realize how truly blessed they are and founded The WAM Foundation in hopes that one day all melanoma stories end with survival.

Despite the alarming growth and statistics of melanoma (See Facts), the general public remains relatively unaware of the dangers of melanoma and melanoma research remains significantly underfunded. Research continues to teach us more about melanoma. Scientists are learning more about its causes and exploring new ways to prevent, find, and treat melanoma. Because of research, people with melanoma can look forward to a better quality of life and less chance of dying from this disease. Melanoma detected and treated early is nearly 100% curable!

The WAM Foundation was formed to raise public awareness of melanoma, to educate the public about prevention methods, to promote screenings for early detection, and to provide funds for research of effective treatment methods and ultimately a cure for melanoma. To the extent able, The WAM Foundation may also from time to time provide funds to support patients diagnosed with melanoma and their families that may be in need of financial assistance to obtain proper treatment and care.

The WAM Foundation intends to carry out its mission through several fundraising events throughout the year. These events will not only raise funds to further the mission of The WAM Foundation, but will also carry out its mission through promoting public awareness of melanoma and providing educational brochures and other materials regarding melanoma, its causes, detection and prevention. The WAM Foundation will fund its mission primarily through solicitation of corporate and individual sponsors and donors at these multiple fundraising events throughout the year. In addition, we also anticipate raising additional funds via our website by accepting online donations and selling limited apparel and merchandise containing the logo of The WAM Foundation.

Possible fundraising events include golf tournaments, bowling events, walking/running/cycling and other athletic events, dinners/dances, silent auctions, trivia nights, wine tastings, etc. We also intend to promote The WAM Foundation and its mission by hosting a booth or tent at local community events to provide educational materials regarding melanoma, its causes, detection and prevention, and potentially work with local dermatologists to conduct screenings at such events.

In carrying out our mission, we intend to provide funds to organizations that further support the mission of The WAM Foundation by researching the causes of melanoma, its detection and prevention, effective treatment methods, and ultimately a cure for melanoma. We anticipate such organizations to include hospitals, physicians, research facilities, and other organizations engaged in melanoma research. By way of example, without limitation, such organizations may include the following: The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio; The Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri; the National Cancer Institute; the Melanoma Research Foundation; The Skin Cancer Foundation; the Lance Armstrong Foundation; and The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Any funds contributed by or on behalf of The WAM Foundation will be designated specifically for purposes of melanoma promotion, education, treatment or research; and prior to contributing any such funds, we will obtain reasonable assurance that the funds will be used for such purposes exclusively.